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DG103A DL615A 337607-001 BATTERY FR HP COMPAQ NX7000 NX7010 X1300

DG103A DL615A 337607-001 BATTERY FR HP COMPAQ NX7000 NX7010 X1300

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Seller's Country: China
Condition: Brand new
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Product Name:Hp Compaq NX7000 series Li-ion battery
Product Model:NX7000
Product Status:Brand New in box,work as the original one.
Warranty:12months manufacturer warranty
Products type: for HP compaq
Volts: 14.8V
Capacity: 4400mAh
Weight: 411g
Color: black

This Laptop Battery can replace the following part number:

DG103A, DL615A 337607-001, 337607-002, 337607-003, 336962-001

This Laptop Battery is also compatible with following models:

HP Compaq Business Notebook nx7000 Series:
Business Notebook nx7000
Business Notebook nx7010

Compaq Presario X1000 Series:
X1000 (DE185AV), X1000 (DE186AV), X1000 (DE707AV), X1000 (DK454AV), X1001US, X1001US (DK575A), X1001US (DK575AR), X1002US, X1002US (DM771A), X1002US (DM771AR), X1005EA, X1005EA (DL681A), X1005LA, X1005LA (DL858A), X1006EA, X1006EA (DM933A), X1007EA, X1007EA (DL964A), X1010AL (DR830A), X1010CA, X1010CA (DL857A), X1010CA (DL857AR), X1010EA, X1010EA (DL963A), x1010US, X1010US (DK571A), X1010US (DK571AR), X1011AL (DR831A), X1012AL (DR832A), X1012EA, X1012EA (DL965A), X1012QV, X1012QV (DN585A), X1012QV (DN585AR), X1015US, X1015US (DN624A), X1015US (DN624AR), X1016EA, X1016EA (DM415A), x1018CL, X1018CL (DK574A), X1018CL (DK574AR), X1020EA, X1020EA (DM416A), X1020US, X1020US (DK572A), X1020US (DK572AR), X1021AP (DN582A), X1022AP, X1022AP (DN583A), X1023AP, X1023AP (DN584A), X1026AP (DN587A), X1027AP (DN588A), X1028AP (DN589A), X1028CL, X1028CL (DL898A), X1028CL (DL898AR), X1029AP (DN600A), X1030AP (DN591A), X1030US, X1030US (DM773A), X1030US (DM773AR), X1031AP, X1031AP (DN592A), X1032AP, X1032AP (DN593A), X1033AP, X1033AP (DN594A), X1034AP, X1034AP (DN595A), X1035AP, X1035AP (DN596A), X1036AP, X1036AP (DN597A), X1037AP, X1037AP (DN598A), X1038AP (DN599A), x1039AP, X1040AP, X1040AP (DN601A), X1040US, X1040US (DM774A), X1040US (DM774AR), X1041AP, X1041AP (DN602A), X1042AP (DN603A), X1043AP (DN604A), X1044AP, X1044AP (DN605A), X1045AP (DN606A), X1046AP (DN607A), X1047AP, X1047AP (DN608A), X1048AP (DN609A), X1049AP (DN610A), X1050AP (DN611A), X1050CA, X1050CA (DP485U), X1050CA (DP485UR), X1050US, X1050US (DM777A), X1050US (DM777AR), X1051AP, X1051AP (DN612A), X1052AP, X1052AP (DN613A), X1053AP, X1053AP (DN614A), X1054AP, X1054AP (DN615A), X1055AP, X1055AP (DN616A), X1056AP (DN617A), X1057AP (DN618A), X1058AP, X1058AP (DN619A), X1058CL, X1058CL (DP487U), X1058CL (DP487UR), X1060AP (DN620A), X1061AP (DN621A), X1062AP, X1062AP (DN622A), X1063AP, X1063AP (DN623A), X1064AP (DN625A), X1065AP (DN626A), X1066AP (DN627A), X1067AP (DQ973A), X1068AP (DQ974A), X1069AP (DQ975A), X1070AP (DQ976A), X1071AP (DQ977A), X1072AP (DR268A), X1073AP (DR269A), X1074AP (DR270A), X1075AP (DR271A), X1076AP (DR272A), X1077AP (DR273A), X1078AP, X1078AP (DR274A), X1079AP, X1079AP (DR275A), X1080AP, X1080AP (DR276A), X1081AP (DR277A), X1082AP (DR278A), X1083AP (DR279A), X1084AP (DR280A), X1085AP (DR281A), X1086AP (DR282A), X1087AP, X1087AP (DR283A), X1088AP (DR284A), X1089AP (DR285A), X1090AP (DR286A), X1091AP (DR287A), X1092AP (DR822A), X1093AP (DR823A), X1094AP (DR824A), X1095AP (DR825A), X1096AP (DR826A), X1097AP, X1097AP (DR827A), X1098AP (DR828A), X1099AP (DR829A)

Compaq Presario X1100 Series:
X1105EA (DP771E), X1110EA (DP773E), X1115EA (DP774E), X1140EA (DP772E), X1155EA (DP775E)

Compaq Presario X1200 Series:
X1200 (DP613AV), X1200 (DP614AV), X1200 (DR311AV), X1200 (DS829AV), X1201AP (DV770P), X1201US, X1201US (DS466U), X1201US (DS466UR), X1202AP (DV771P), X1203AP (DV772P), X1204AP (DV773P), X1205AP (DV774P), X1206AP (DV775P), X1207AP (DV776P), X1208AP (DV777P), X1209AP (DV778P), X1210AP (DU559A), X1210CA, X1210CA (DS467U), X1210CA (DS467UR), X1210US, X1210US (DS463U), X1210US (DS463UR), X1211AP (DV779P), X1212AP (DV780P), X1213AP (DV781P), X1214AP (DV782P), X1215AP (DV783P), X1216AP (DV784P), X1217AP (DV785P), X1218AP (DV786P), X1219AP (DV787P), X1220AP (DV788PA), X1220EA (DU561A), X1220US, X1220US (DS464U), X1220US (DS464UR), X1221AP (DV789P), X1222AP (DV790P), X1223AP (DV791P), X1224AP (DV792P), X1225AP (DY735PA), X1227AP (DY737PA), X1228AP (DY738PA), X1229AP (DY739PA), X1230AP (DY740PA), X1230US, X1230US (DS468U), X1230US (DS468UR), X1231AP (DY741PA), X1232AP (DY742PA), X1233AP (DY743PA), X1234AP (DY744PA), X1236AP (DY746PA), X1237AP (DY747PA), X1238AP (DY748PA), X1239AP (DY749PA), X1240AP (DY750PA), X1241AP (DY751PA), X1242AP (DY752PA)

Compaq Presario X1300 Series:
X1300 (DT683AV), X1300 (DT684AV), X1300 (DT685AV), X1301AP (PD579PA), X1301US, X1301US (DZ299U), X1302AP (PD580PA), X1303AP (PD581PA), X1304AP (PD582PA), X1305AP (PD583PA),
X1306AP (PD584PA), X1307AP (PD585PA), X1308AP (PD586PA), X1309AP (PD587PA), X1310AP (PD588PA), X1311AP (PD589PA), X1312AP (PD590PA), X1313AP (PD591PA), X1314AP (PD592PA), X1315AP (PD593PA), X1316AP (PD594PA), X1317AP (PD595PA), X1318AP (PD596PA), X1319AP (PD597PA), X1320AP (PD598PA), X1321AP (PD599PA), X1322AP (PD600PA), X1324AP (PD602PA), X1325AP (PD603PA), X1326AP (PD604PA), X1327AP (PD605PA), X1328AP (PD606PA), X1329AP (PD607PA), X1330AP (PH261PA), X1360CL, X1360CL (DZ302U), X1360CL (DZ302UR), X1360US,
X1360US (DZ297U), X1360US (DZ297UR), X1370US, X1370US (DZ300U), X1370US (DZ300UR),
X1390US, X1390US (DZ298U), X1390US (DZ298UR), X1390XX (DZ753AS)

Compaq Presario X1400 Series:
X1400 (PD699AV), X1400 (PD700AV), X1401AP (PH508PA), X1402AP (PH509PA), X1403AP (PH510PA), X1404AP (PH511PA), X1405AP (PH512PA), X1406AP (PH513PA), X1407AP (PH514PA), X1408AP (PA127PA), X1409AP (PA128PA), X1410AP (PA129PA), X1411AP (PA130PA), X1412AP (PA131PA), X1413AP (PA132PA), X1414AP (PA133PA), X1415AP (PA134PA), X1416AP (PA146PA), X1417AP (PA147PA), X1418AP (PA148PA), X1419AP (PA149PA), X1420AP (PA150PA), X1421AP (PA151PA), X1422AP (PA152PA), X1423AP (PF363PA), X1424AP (PF364PA), X1425AP (PF369PA), X1426AP (PF370PA), X1427AP (PF371PA), X1428AP (PF372PA), X1429AP (PH478PA), X1430AP (PH479PA), X1431AP (PD101PA), X1432AP (PN552PA), X1433AP (PN553PA), X1434AP (PN554PA), X1460CA (PF096UA), X1460CA (PF096UAR), X1460US (PF092UA), X1460US (PF092UAR), X1480US (PF093UA), X1480XX (PF843AS)

HP Pavilion ZT3000 Series:
zt3000, zt3000 (DN545AV), zt3000 (CTO) (DL811AV), zt3000 (CTO) (DL812AV), zt3000 (CTO) (DL813AV), zt3000 (CTO) (DW375AV), zt3010US, zt3001US, zt3001US (DM783A), zt3001US (DM783AR), zt3007LA (DR204A), zt3010AP (DR242A), zt3010EA (DP776E), zt3010EA (DP781E), zt3010US, zt3010US (DM778A), zt3010US (DM778AR), zt3011AP (DR243A), zt3012AP (DR244A), zt3012EA (DP785E), zt3013AP (DR245A), zt3014AP (DR246A), zt3015AP (DR247A), zt3015EA (DP784E), zt3016AP (DR248A), zt3017AP (DR249A), zt3017EA (DP786E), zt3017EA (DP789E), zt3017LA (DV761L), zt3017WM (DM781A), zt3017WM (DM781AR), zt3018AP (DR250A), zt3019AP (DR251A), zt3019EA (DP788E), zt3020US (DP479UR), zt3020AP (DR252A), zt3020EA (DP779E), zt3020EA (DP782E), zt3020US (DP479U), zt3021AP (DR253A), zt3022AP (DR254A), zt3022EA (DP783E), zt3023AP (DR255A), zt3024AP (DR256A), zt3024EA (DP787E), zt3025AP (DR257A), zt3026AP (DR258A), zt3027AP (DR259A), zt3028AP (DR260A), zt3029AP (DR261A), zt3030AP (DR262A), zt3030EA (DP777E), zt3031AP (DT569A), zt3032AP (DT570A), zt3033AP (DT571A), zt3034AP (DT572A), zt3035AP (DT573A), zt3036AP (DT574A), zt3037AP (DT575A), zt3038AP (DT576AA), zt3039AP (DT577AA), zt3040AP (DT578AA), zt3041AP (DT579AA), zt3042AP (DT580AA), zt3043AP (DX830P), zt3044AP (DX831P), zt3045AP (DX832P), zt3046AP (DX833PA), zt3047AP (DX836PA), zt3048AP (DX837PA), zt3049AP (DX838PA), zt3050AP (DX839PA), zt3050EA (DP778E), zt3051AP (DX840PA), zt3057LA (DR205A), zt3068CL (DM779A), zt3068CL (DM779AR)

HP Pavilion ZT3100 Series:
zt3101EA (DX682E), zt3101US (DS458U), zt3101US (DS458UR), zt3105EA (DV289E), zt3106EA (DV294E), zt3110EA (DV288E), zt3111EA (DV297E), zt3113EA (DV292E), zt3113EA (DV295E), zt3114EA (DX680E), zt3115EA (DV291E), zt3116EA (DX683E), zt3120EA (DV290E), zt3120EA (DX681E), zt3130EA (DV296E), zt3131EA (DV293E), zt3140US (DS456U), zt3140US (DS456UR), zt3170US (DS457U), zt3170US (DS457UR)

HP Pavilion ZT3200 Series:
zt3200 (CTO) (DR301AV), zt3200 (CTO) (DR302AV), zt3200 (CTO) (DR303AV), zt3201AP (PA965PA), zt3201US (DZ307U), zt3201US (DZ307UR), zt3202AP (PA966PA), zt3203AP (PA967PA), zt3204AP (PA968PA), zt3205AP (PA969PA), zt3206AP (PA970PA), zt3207AP (PA971PA), zt3208AP (PA972PA), zt3209AP (PA973PA), zt3210AP (PA974PA), zt3210EA (PB560EA), zt3211AP (PA975PA), zt3211EA (PB567EA), zt3212AP (PA976PA), zt3212EA (PB751EA), zt3213AP (PA977PA), zt3214AP (PA978PA), zt3214EA (PB565EA), zt3214EA (PB571EA), zt3215AP (PA979PA), zt3215EA (PB559EA), zt3215EA (PB564EA), zt3216AP (PA980PA), zt3217AP (PA981PA), zt3218AP (PA982PA), zt3219AP (PA983PA), zt3220AP (PA984PA), zt3220EA (PB572EA), zt3221AP (PA985PA),
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